We offer a range of treatments and services. Explore some of what we have to offer below.


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Sports massage is used to help manage pain and relieve tension within muscles and soft tissue. It involves kneading soft tissue to help increase blood flow, reduce pain and the breaking down of “knots” and adhesions. Massage therapy can be used to help treat almost every condition, giving short term relief and some long term progression. It is very useful in treating neck pain, back pain and muscles injuries


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Joint mobilisations are used to restore the small, involuntary movements that assist joints to perform to their optimum and reduce pain. Depending on the injury, pain and problem they can be performed at different speeds and force. Manipulation is a passive technique where the Physiotherapist applies a specifically directed manual thrust, to the spine, this is often accompanied by an audible ‘crack’. Both techniques help increasing movement around the spine and reducing pain. This treatment is very effective in treating spinal pain and injuries.


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Shockwave is considered the new gold standard technique used to heal tendons, muscles and ligaments in a quicker and more effective way than traditional treatments. The shockwave probe delivers a high energy acoustic wave to the injured area which stimulates tissue regeneration, increases blood flow and breaks down scar tissue, thus increasing the speed of recovery. Shockwave therapy provides treatments to patients suffering from a range of chronic conditions that are notoriously difficult to resolve.

Dry Needling

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Dry needling is an invasive procedure where an acupuncture needle is inserted into the muscle. It is aimed at trigger points, sometimes called “knots” aiming to create a muscle twitch response. This stimulates the local area of muscle to release a chemical which helps reduce the pain, sensitivity and tightness in the muscle. Dry needling can be used in most injuries and pain, but is very effective in treating neck and shoulder pain, muscle injuries and postural pain.


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Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles in specific points on your body. The needles stimulate the nervous system to increases local blood flow and encourages the body to produce natural endorphins (painkillers), both helping recovery. Acupuncture is very effective in treating headaches, chronic pain and most injuries.

Ultrasound scanning

Ultrasound scanning (Ultrasonography) is the use of sound waves to create an image. This allows us to assess and scan the injury to determine the full extent of your injury and pain. We can then use this to treat you more effectively, give you a greater insight into your prognosis and guide your rehabilitation.

What can we see on a Ultrasound scan?

  • Tendinopathies (tendinitis)

  • Muscle injuries/tears

  • Joint swelling/effusion

  • Ligament sprains and tears

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